Raw Food Dinner Meal Ideas & A Soup Recipe | 40BelowFruity

Are you ready to eat some savoury and delicious raw food dinners? Enjoy our recipes or create your own.

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Lorra Fae says:

Woohoo, my chronic madface for the win >_< lol

Its Detox Time says:

That looks great I’ll definitely be trying a soup soon!

Lorra Fae says:

Eat it!!


Rachelle L says:

I have that same exact juicer! lol Mine is probably like 15 years old but
it still works fantastically. Those soups looks delicious. I will have to
try my own variation soon.

ThePantherVision says:

Your friend looks healthier than you. I’m guessing she’s not a vegan.

cantbeatTheBeatles says:

What kind of juicer is that?

dawn wagner says:

I find myself using the juiced celery, carrot and citrus blend as a base
for so much. Super yummy!

Jennifer Vadi says:

Anyone else see that bug crawling towards the juicer :/

TaraSulo says:

I dream of the day I own a Vitamix!

dempseykat says:

Nice to see you enjoy a meal with a friend. Merry Christmas!

lemurian chick says:

I make this, as well. Energy soup variation, a la Ann Wigmore. I actually
put an apple in mine usually and it’s the secret ingredient. It works well
with the savory ingredients-I also sometimes use dulse, too. However, why
didn’t you just add a bit of water with the lemon or lime juice and use the
WHOLE veggies instead of juicing them? It makes it way easier plus you get
the fiber! 

Christine Villasenor says:

What was that white thing you spirallized? 

Alexandria Addison says:

Mmm kelp! It’s fully of natural filtered salt from the sea and it’s a
wonderful multivitamin Love that Stuff mmm sushi… And those noodles! I
thought that was onion you were spiraling hahaha love it ladies

Karyn Jane says:

I love all the individualised touches to the soup! Great idea!

Michelle P says:

I love to score or cut a line down one side of the zucchini and then when
you put it in the Spirooli it doesn’t come out long strips 🙂 Give it a
try 🙂 Thank you for the recipe video 🙂 Love your channel!!! 

MsDaybyday says:

Your hair got so long !! So pretty
Yummie food. Totally making some today 

Danielle HL says:

Their hair seems so thick and lovely. My hair is falling out quite a bit
since I went raw. My doctor told me to add some protein powder to my
smoothies, but I really don’t want to.
Anyone else experiencing this?

Autumn River Moon says:

This looks delicious! Cant wait to try it! 

Tracy Lyn Turner says:

I used to have the same necklace as your friend when I was a teenager and
my family thought I was evil and was a satanist symbol hahahaha!!!

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