[Part 1] Self Esteem – The Foundation of True Happiness And Personal Effectiveness

Today sees the launch of a trilogy of videos on Self Esteem – The Foundation of True Happiness And Personal Effectiveness. Want more inspiration? Visit http://advancedmindpowertraining.com/ for FREE Advanced Mind Power Training videos.

I can hear your voice now, “Self esteem!!! Isn’t that a bit ‘old school’ Colin”

I get that!

In today’s world of personal development where we are now learning about vibrational frequencies, the Law of Attraction and quantum physics, to talk about self esteem feels a bit old hat!

But that’s far from the truth!

You see, everything you attract in to your life is a reflection of what you feel you deserve, what you feel you are worth and how highly you value yourself.

The opportunities, the people, the beaks and the luck you attract are all a direct result of what you are sending out into the Universe. The circumstances of your life – sporting, professional, personal and social – tell you everything you need to know about how you rate yourself at the level of self esteem.

High levels of self esteem are vital to a happy successful life. It’s the fertile soil from which authentic confidence and external optimism can grow and flourish.

Individuals who posses low self esteem can become depressed, fall way short of their potential and tolerate abusive situations and relationships.

So, in this THREE PART video series I want to define self esteem, to look at why it is often so low in may individuals regardless of the status in life and how to generate and sustain deep rooted self regard and esteem for yourself.

Ready? Let’s jump right in!

Here is what you are going to learn in part 1:

The tragic story that inspired the video training
What Self Esteem is
The two factors that determine your self esteem which are opposites of the same coin
The insightful question I asked the CEO of a major UK company that started his personal transformation.
Three questions to ask yourself to give yourself a good MOT on the current condition of your self-worth.

Remember this is only the START of the journey into self esteem. There are at least two more videos I’ll be recording so it’s possible I won’t answers all your questions… yet! Stay with me and I’m sure I will by the end of the video series.

Enjoy today’s training.

Thanks for the support and talk soon.

Colin Hiles

[Part 1] Self Esteem: The Foundation of True Happiness And Personal Effectiveness

(P.S. Just before you hit the play button make sure you have pen and paper for the final exercise)

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Samantha Wright says:

10! Very intriguing video indeed. Even made me wince a bit at the
questions. Very much looking forward to watching the next videos to work
out how i can work on my self worth and confidence as i know its a huge
barrier to living the life i would like to. Thanks as always for sharing
Colin. Your kids are very lucky! 

Caressa Clark says:

Nice 50 ; )


Excellent video, very helpful. This is something I’m trying to balance.
Sometimes my self esteem is very high, but sometimes is really low. I rate
this video a 10.

miraj shinobi says:

between 5 and 10, in fact it’s difficult asking myself do I like me?
sometime yes and sometime no
thank you for the video and I’m waiting for the others parts

haewwe S says:

such an excellent counsel!! thank you~!~!

miraj shinobi says:
Salman Khan says:

love your work mate

Miroslav Zivkovic says:


Inge Bowman says:

The first part of your video was depressing… I don’t watch the news
either. Great video not sure you touched on this subject yet. You should
speak at high schools!! Oxox

Inge Bowman says:


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