My Love Affair with Chickpeas and Hummus…5 Great Recipes…Never leave healthy & delicious!

If you are trying to find healthier ways to continue to eat your (not so healthy) foods, hummus can be your savior.   Chickpeas are a good source of dietary fiber and micro nutrients such as copper, manganese, and folate. By blending chickpeas with other ingredients such as garlic and olive oil, you get the wonderful combination of flavor and health called hummus. If desired, you can use other beans variety such as white beans or any of your favorite.

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Bhavna's Kitchen says:

Several exciting ways to use Hummus!

Himali Fonseka says:

Wow. My husband loves hummus. I dont like it that much. But u have
described various exciting ways to eat it. I will try all. Thanks. 

Stephanie MB says:

(went through all you lists to )find the chickpea recipes and found some
interesting videos, are you doing any Ayurveda videos again? In the flour
pudding one you mention sth. About hair care (sorry can’t hear it) also
noticed you’ve gone from long to short & long again hair? How you made it
grow so quick and kept it thick? Thanks

Suleman Nathani says:

Mari Gujarati dikri sari progress kari rai chey, ashirwad.

Nancy Coy says:

I never knew you could do so much with humus! Thanks for the video!

srilekha raguraman says:

I love d way u spk and i also fall in love with ur recipes its really

vj0509 says:

wow u r simply great! can we make hummus using other beans too? how long
can we freeze them?

Romila Lal says:

Thanks Bhavna for these healthy and yummy recipies

Vigna madhu says:

Tks bhavna gd healthy recipe yummy……

senthil malathy says:

Super didi!!yummy n delicious

Stephanie MB says:

Good…hope to see some snack besam /gram flour coming soon

Carol Shuturan says:

Thank you. The hummus in the grocery stores is very expensive and I thought
it would be hard to make. Your video is very informative. I can’t wait to
show my daughters, they love hummus as much as I do. 

Judith Loue says:

I love hummus, and loved all of your ideas..but the sandwich!!?? Yes yes
yes! In the summer I like to use grilled vegetables, with hummus and
guacamole spreads…another great video! Thank You.

cheskydivision says:

that was fun. Yes hummus is one of the best foods.. I love it.

Viral Patel says:

Thank you bhavna. Your recipes are delicious!!!

Gaurav Kashyap says:

Thanks for not getting offended! U know the true meaning of communication
wid ur regular fans and followers! Lots of love n happiness from Ahmedabad

Lisa Viger says:

Love these recipes! I’d almost sell my soul for hummus lol!

Zenmasterzzz says:

Stuffed hummus peppers! Yes! I must try them. Thanks for the great ideas 

Sophie M says:

Absolutely love your recipes, thank you!

jamie G says:

Delicious! Great job Bhavna! :)

meenu sadana says:

Hi Bhavana thanks for another great recipe . Here I also want to know the
secret of your long hair,I remember you cut your hair short a year back now
again it’s long so quickly.pls share with us. Thanks 

Sal Sera says:

Thank you sooooo much !!!

Gaurav Kashyap says:

No offence but don’t u know how to eat with spoon! Why do ur teeth touches
the spoon or fork when u eat? It makes such a weird and irritating sound?

Abdullah Al Mamu says:

Thanks . I’m from germany, so where can I get pita ruti( your 2nd recipe)

Neeti Sharma22 says:

Hi +Bhavna’s Kitchen… your all eggless recipes are great relief for us
vegeterians, who never consume eggs… Thanks for that. I have request for
you could you please share video of eggless Opera cake with us.. will be
very greatful to you Thanks in advance.. have a nice day

triumph447 says:

PERFECT timing to see this. Had ingredients laid out to make pizza tonight.
Discovered had no sauce, but had hummus from lunch sandwiches. It’s my new
favorite healthy thing to make. Wasn’t sure about using it for pizza until
I saw your vlog. Made it with my child and turned out great. Now I have 4
more ideas besides. Thanks. You have an interesting channel.

yunus alam says:

do u speak hindi , i would like to see u speak hindi

jm2ube1 says:

Really? Mango with onion? Not a good combo …

Viral Patel says:

Where I can find tahini paste ?

Mnrusty1 says:

Totally fun video. Love all your hummus recipes especially those great
lettuce wraps. Great job as always! Thanks for sharing your creative recipe

Sneha Sam says:

wow…great receipes…my next week lunch is going to be all of these

Sean Williams says:

looks good great video

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