Louise L Hay – Ingrained Self-Esteem

Louise L Hay is a well known self help author. Louise Hay has written the books 101 Power Thoughts and You Can Heal Your Life. Louise L Hay Talks about using affirmations and meditation to reinforce self love, how to love yourself. Louise Hay has also created Heal Your Body and I Can Do It. Everything has to do with self esteem affirmations.



Ronald Barela says:

She is by far my favorite speaker

Elisabeth Veldhuizen says:

You are my hero,because of you i’am still here.
Thank you,and love you for it.

Sarah Rohrs says:

I need this transcript printed out and to read it everyday! My favorite 

Poppy Kefaloukos says:

To Dear Louise,
You are one of the great inspirational leaders I love to watch hear and say
my daily positive affirmations. What a beautiful blessing you are in this
world! 🙂 

Quincy Madison says:

I love Louise Hays, But i can’t believe she just said babies love their own
feces. lol i can’t believe that..

karin webb says:

Each day I will play this transcript online. 

Margaret Sparks says:

Thank you Louise. and Jon Spirits

atwaterpub . says:

Compelling philosophy. Thank you for posting.

Florin Matasaru says:

Louise , I love your thoughts and I love you

Luz Phipps says:

Thank you Ms. Hay for all superb Divine Wisdom which has taught me self
love and I am practicing the whole day. I have been incorporating your
wisdom into my life. I love you so much Ms. Hay for being the remarkable
woman you are. 

Maria B says:

Thank you Louise Hay, you have helped me so much. God bless you

Francesca S says:

Thank you for this upload. :-)


I Love listening to Louise Hay. She has helped my life so Much! Love the
Mirror Work.
Thanks Louise and God Bless You! Janice

doTerra Essential oils and wellness with Deana Lamb says:

Thank you.

David McHale IV says:

I love Louise Hay – I used to attend her “Hay Rides” in West Hollywood back
in the 1980’s !!! Such a lovely woman…..

ColorsRBY says:

Thank you so much!!! 

Jon Spirits says:

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