Remember Your Own Needs

Mums are Tops is dedicated to providing inspiring movies and articles to help build self esteem because we understand how mothers will forget themselves as they become engrossed by taking on additional responsibilities for care of their children. In this all consuming roll it is so easy to forget about your previous life.

Giving up a Career

It is natural to doubt oneself whether you should give up your career and become a stay at home mom or continue working. This is a personal decision and a complex one depending on your own situation. Having a caring and supportive partner can make all the difference. It can be very stressful for mothers who must work because of their financial situation and still need to take care of the children. Having to leave your treasures with babysitters or a day-care centre can lead to low self esteem and bouts of depression in extreme situations.

Ways to Build up Self Esteem

Even when a mom stays at home caring for their children stress and anxiety are very common. Comparing themselves with other mothers that continued working or visa-versa is not uncommon. Partners can unknowing add to the situation and make you question if you are doing enough. Low self esteem in relationships soon creeps in and you doubt your worthiness.

Mums are Tops are dedicated to looking at ways to build up self esteem for mothers with the use of affirmations and mantras to build self esteem. These confidence builders for moms will be available in our members area shortly.


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