A Tour Of Delicious Asian-Inspired Dinner Recipes

A Tour Of Delicious Asian-Inspired Dinner Recipes

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ReconExobyteGaming says:

"Oh ho Yes"

Lolian says:

OK, just because you threw some sesame seeds and soy sauce in a few dishes, it doesn't make it entirely "Asian". (Sarcastic asshole here)

Chat Noir says:


Boho Bvbe says:

Yummy lookin and lean

j00heon 0ppa says:

ok but who the fuck eats pineapple with chicken.

Bao Tran says:

They low-key didn't serve all the chicken fried rice because it was burnt at the bottom lol

Janette Segui says:

Asian recipes, the remix vol. 2

Hanifah khanom says:

Some watch porn to get off. I watch tasty. That sounds weird ill leave.

Fiona and Harper says:

Can you do a totourial for sushi burgers

GameTheory 345 says:

Hating on buzzfeed us pointless. We all know they have labor conditions in their workplace, pay their employees next to nothing and don’t care about comments. It’s all about making as much money for buzzfeed as possible.

Jay Vin99 says:

Buzzfeed always happens to think that Asia only consists of Japan, China, Korea, India and the Phillipines. There are so many other Asian countries that have such rich cuisine. You don't need to add all that in every single video, but just make sure you show the other Asian countries in your videos.

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